PostHeaderIcon What Makes the e Cigarette So Popular?

Very little people would disagree that creating a better car never needing gas or that you had to plug in would spawn enthusiasm however the inventor of the cars we drive today definitely caused some noise! Our greatest inventors have been determined to make their marks with inventions such as the electric light bulb, the telephone, animal cloning and now the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)!

We all have grown up being aware of the health risks which real cigarettes can cause so perhaps this is why the e-cigarette is quickly becoming fashionable. Unlike the traditional cigarette this new little gadget simply runs on a battery. This modern day little gems are a nice substitute for the conventional cigarette in which you need a quantity of nicotine but without the carcinogens and tar. This environment friendly cigarette brims with longer and enhanced flavor and they even look like the regular cigarette. It does not require tobacco or to be lit up, it simply consists of the little battery, a vaporizer and cartridge. The side comprising the cartridge is placed in the mouth and while inhaling it, the nicotine mixture evaporates.

If you have been known to worry about staining your teeth caused from use of the traditional cigarette, this can be the solution for you. Here you also can choose the strength of the nicotine you desire which ranges from zero, medium and high and each nicotine cartridge can last as long as two packs of pure tobacco, so you save some money also. As you inhale you don’t take in any smoke as no smoke is discharged or drawn in by the user, thus making the e-cigarette healthier for you than the traditional cigarette.

Another great aspect of this e-cigarette is that its cartridges are flavored and you can simply add refills when you need them. The flavors come in many varieties such as cherry, mint, strawberry, menthol, and even milk chocolate. So you still get a rich flavor with every puff minus the smoke. Of course you can also get the standard cigarette and menthol flavors which are available by most e-cigarette companies. These imaginative flavors may also help people to quit smoking more easily because you are not “totally quitting” and you still can get that great sense of enjoyment needed by the majority of smokers.

These little dandies seem to be changing the style of smoking all over the world as you can enjoy them virtually any place as they provide the same content feeling without the side effects of the out dated cigarettes. The e-cigarette will not bother other people around you and it is attuned with environment guidelines that apply in many nations and states. Check out the e cigarette wiki for more information.