PostHeaderIcon My Singapore Engagement

Who could have imagined that an engagement ring, Singapore business trip and a chance meeting would all become 3 of the most memorable moments in my life? You see it all began when I had to fly to Singapore for an important meeting. My company had trusted me to handle some very tricky and delicate negotiations concerning a new contract and I was sure that this would leave me with very little time to enjoy the city.
As luck would have it my hosts had arranged for me to have dinner with their family and friends. A lovely, dark haired young woman immediately attracted my attention. She was a graduate student who had once lived with the family and had returned to stay with them for a short vacation. The two of us hit it off immediately and it seemed as though we had been destined to meet. Neither of us had ever been married before but I knew that she was the special woman that I had been looking for and luckily she felt the same way about me.
Talk about a true whirlwind romance. We spent the next 2 weeks together and thankfully the negotiations went smoothly so I had plenty of time to tour Singapore with my new love. As we strolled along the busy city street on one of our last days in the city I asked this wonderful woman to marry me. Not the most romantic proposal in the world I know, but both of us were so deliriously happy and in love that we didn’t even notice my lack of romantic sensibility.

There was a store right across the street from where I proposed and it happened to belong to a noted Singapore jeweler. We hurried in and started looking at all of the rings that were on display. Nothing seemed to be quite right and then in a perfect display of hospitality and business savvy the jeweler offered to personally design a Singapore engagement ring that would reflect the rich culture of the country as well our own personal taste. We were sold and once the ring was delivered to us we were totally overwhelmed by its tasteful and beautiful design. I then again proposed to the love of my life and I got on one knee to formally present her with this stunningly beautiful diamond ring. Definitely a better proposal setting than my first one.

Today as my wife proudly wears her wedding band and engagement ring Singapore is certainly never far from her mind. We both enjoy happily telling the story of our romance to anyone who asks and we plan to schedule an anniversary trip to Singapore every year to celebrate our chance meeting and lifelong love affair.