PostHeaderIcon Smoking in Singapore

If you're a smoker and you're headed to Singapore, it is the perfect place to kick the habit. If you're not looking to cut them out of your life, you should make sure to familiarize yourself with Singapore's rules about smoking, which are very strict. First of all, smoking is legal in the country, and though locals think paying $4 a pack is outrageous, a visitor would probably find it a relief.
Even though it is legal, that doesn't mean it can be done everywhere. Smoking is banned from almost every public area. You are not permitted to smoke in any air-conditioned space, any public bus or taxi, movie theater, restaurant, or shopping mall. If you break any of these laws you are subject to a $1,000 fine, even if you're a foreigner who may not have known better. You can smoke outside in open areas, but even then you have to be careful. You cannot just throw the butt on the ground there, if you do, expect a $500 to be given to you.
If you're thinking of trying electronic cigarettes instead, Singapore will not be the place to give you that opportunity. They are banned in Singapore and therefore not sold there. If you are caught smoking an electronic cigarette, you are fined as though it was a real cigarette, regardless of the difference.
Singapore prides itself on being clean, litter-free, and full of fresh air and healthy living. So, while banning smoking will not happen because of the financial gains it brings, it is very carefully monitored by police and transgressions are taken very seriously. If you happen to be in Singapore and you want to smoke, make sure you're in a legal area first.


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