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Singapore is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It is full of beauty, modern culture, and history. It is often called the garden city. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, some of the attractions that you must see and do are as follows:

Chinatown: This area is mostly a Chinese population loaded with Chinese culture. It has the Chinatown center, the Chinatown night market and the Chinatown Food Street. It also has the red light district.

Colonial Singapore: If you are interested in the history of Singapore, then this area may delight you. This area is filled with colonial buildings constructed during British rule. Some of these buildings are St. Andrews Cathedral, The Victoria Theatre. They also have a Concert Hall and Parliament House. There is also a Supreme Court Building and a City Hall Building.

Sentosa Island: This resort is one of Singapore’s most popular. It was once a military area in 1972. This island has been transformed into a village that includes magnificent architecture, a butterfly museum, an underwater aquarium and a beautiful orchid garden.

Orchard Road: If you are looking for the most inviting shopping and entertainment venue in Singapore, you have found it on Orchard Road. Whatever your budget, you can find it here.

Clarke Quay: This waterfront village is very festive with entertainment, waterfront recreation, lots of food outlets and many shopping outlets. Some shops are in historical buildings.

There are also many guides available which will help you to find all the interesting places in Singapore. Here you can buy travel guides.

I hope this will guide you on your trip to Singapore.