If you are lucky enough to have the chance to visit Singapore, here are a few things you should know about this beautiful city.

First of all, this city is very clean. The Singapore people do not like trash. If you throw chewing gum on the ground, you are fined. There is virtually no crime. The people are very respectful.

If you are just traveling to Singapore for vacation from the United States, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries you do not need a Visa. Many of the smaller countries do need a Visa. You can find a list of these on the Singapore travel sites.

If you are traveling to Singapore to start a business, you will need an entrepreneur pass or Entrepass. You and your family can reside in Singapore for two years with an Entreprepass if you are going to be active in the start of your business. You may leave and reenter Singapore frequently. There is also an Employment Pass/Visa, which is somewhat different, but is explained more clearly on the Singapore travel website.

Some of the places you should definitely visit while in Singapore include the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. This is where the Buddhist devotees worship. The architecture, interiors and statuary are inspired by the Tang dynasty. Another place to visit would be the Singapore East Coast Park that is a free beach. Also, you must visit the Jurong Bird Park, which is one of the Worlds greatest bird zoos.